Since 1983 the MCPI has been
comprised of corporations and sole proprietors who care deeply about the private investigation industry and the public image presented. 
MCPI’s Mission:  * To secure a more professional relationship among licensed private investigators  * To encourage the elevation of an impeccable degree of standards so as to form an elite corps of investigators * To promote and encourage the continuing training and education of its members in the many and diverse
areas of the profession of private investigation  * To continue to secure for membership honorable men and women and encourage them to their highest standards
of professional and personal conduct in both their vocational and private lives  * To assist each other in all matters as a close-knit and confidential organization  * To maintain proper public relations and liaisons between the MCPI and law enforcement agencies of this state  * To monitor federal and state legislative and regulatory activities affecting the investigation industry.
I have continued my association with the Detroit Police Department after 25 years of service. 
The nature of my work involved routine patrol duties, assisting Narcotics units on drug raids and surveillance.  I also assisted other agencies such as US Marshals and the FBI with suspect apprehension efforts.  As an officer in the Detroit Public Schools, I enforced school ordinances, mentored students, worked with parents, faculty, the Detroit Police Gang Squad and Homicide. I was assigned to the department's Aviation Unit as a pilot for 4 years. I spent the last 6 years with the department as a computer network administrator with the Technical Support Unit. Maxsolo Investigations was founded after retiring in 2006.